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UMG has been established to be firmly committed and dedicated to all end users seeking excellence and commitment in construction services. It is our goal with each and every project we undertake to impart our utmost commitment to service quality by providing experience, stewardship and value engineering. Combined with these targets, is our passion to assure clients a focused and cost efficient completion to their project.

It is our goal with all projects not withstanding the size, to demand site safety awareness onsite, from both our employees and sub-contractors. We utilize procedures, policies and training to assist our site supervisors to help maintain a safe working environment. We work with an independent safety consultant to ensure all our staff is trained as needed as well as conducting safety audits on our job sites.

"UMG offers a commitment and pro-active passion to the ongoing development of knowledge based processes required to effectively manage and surpass client expectations"

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Our goal with every potential new project is to provide assistance to end users and consultants with pre-construction planning that will help shape the cost and time of the project. The three main areas of focus are budget management, value engineering and project scheduling.

Construction Management

It is working in a collaborative group that detailed construction budgets are prepard to help implement an effective design plan/strategy that will meet the client’s design and budget. We will work on revising our budgets as often as required to help identify key cost centers. It is our objective to provide as detailed and comprehensive a budget outline that we can. We believe it is with this type of budget that clients and consultants can see exactly the cost of items and have an open book approach to this process.

General Contracting

UMG works diligently to provide competitive pricing on all stipulated bid tenders. We liaison with a list of competitive and qualified sub-contractors. Our office estimator works closely to review all tender drawings issued for pricing to help communicate necessary information to sub-contractors, helping to eliminate any missed information at the time of tendering. Our office completes its own project/tender estimate prior to closing any tender which helps identify key construction costs of the project.

Lease Evaluation

It is our objective to help all our partners identify key areas of concern in helping a potential new client occupy a tenant space. The process of acquiring a new office space or initiating any lease negotiation can be effectively helped with a clear understanding of potential construction costs. It is with the help of our detailed construction budgets, that clients and real estate partners, can mitigate any unforeseen costs arising down the road. It is our open book budget that helps clients see any and all construction costs associated with their potential lease deal.

Site Assessment

Our role and involvement helps to determine and better evaluate potential costs and scheduling impacts at the outset of the project due to site conditions. It is with this added information, that helps the team make planning, design and construction decisions.


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